Pax Tanzania?

Peace seems to have reigned at Tanzania’s polls yesterday. Though disagreement over the election results, not yet announced, could still trigger violence, yesterday’s calm gives grounds for optimism.

At Karimu we want a peaceful aftermath to the voting not only for the sake of our Tanzanian friends and their country, but for the sake of our projects in Dareda Kati Village. Our fundraising depends on the volunteers we recruit to travel there, whose personal commitments to Karimu’s work entail donating money and encouraging family and friends to donate. Our volunteers come to know the villagers and to appreciate their ambitions. Therefore Karimu’s projects, out of countless worthy causes that one could identify, acquire special meaning for the volunteers. And we could not in good conscience take volunteers into danger.

After our return from Tanzania this past August, I met with friends who do development work with a small nonprofit in Nigeria. They asked about our good luck at fundraising and I told them that they need to find volunteers to travel with them, like Karimu does—useless advice, they replied, since Nigeria does not have Tanzania’s reputation for safety and stability.

If it’s better to be lucky than to be good, at least Karimu has nailed the lucky part so far. We need that to continue.—Don Stoll


About Don Stoll

Don and his wife, Marianne Kent-Stoll, are co-founders of the Karimu International Help Foundation. They established Karimu in 2008 at the request of the people of Dareda Kati Village, in the Manyara Region of northeastern Tanzania. Karimu is devoted to working with the residents of Dareda Kati in order to satisfy their development needs, as defined by the villagers themselves.
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